New Player Registrations!

17th January 2018

Having received several enquiries regarding new player registrations, I would like to confirm the process going forward.

All registrations are now completed on our website and there is no deadline as such other than the registration fee needs to be in the league’s bank account no fewer than 3 day’s prior to game day.

  Sort code: 20-75-01 / Account no: 83691373

The payable fees are as follows:

  Senior £45 / Junior £35

To register, click the ‘Registration’ link at the top of our website -

The only exception to this is cross registration or club release whereby you will also need to complete a paper-based form in addition to the online form. The respective forms can be found under ‘Documents’ on our website. Paper forms need to be sent to Lynda Waller, our Registration Secretary.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Dave McGill, General Secretary