Winter Cup 2019 - Important update & registration link

9th January 2019

There is a change of dates and format for the inaugural Inline UK Winter Cup due to unforeseen clashes with other inline organisations. We hope these changes will help attract more teams locally and from further afield with it now being a 1-day event and more cost effective for those needing to stay the night.

Each day is now allocated to a specific age group, as follows (in order of date): -

  • Under 14's = 10th February 2019
  • Under 12's = 25th May 2019
  • Under 16's = 26th May 2019

Unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to drop the Under 10's tournament due to several factors including available rink time and general demand. However, under 10 teams are invited to play in the Under 12's tournament.

The entry fee will remain at £150 per team with 8 teams in each age group playing a format of 2 groups of 4 teams on the day, then in to semi-finals, bronze, silver and gold medal games.

Thanks to our sponsors #SkateSkation and #DanglProductions, there's a bunch of cool prizes up for grabs including store vouchers, custom Winter Cup jersey's and more! Each player and team official will receive a tournament pass and programme and other goodies on arrival. There's loads of other stuff planned, too! Oh, and the event is being live streamed around the world so make sure you bring your A game! ;-)

Register your team here:

Please help us spread the word and make it the success we know it can be by sharing and tagging your friends and team contacts. It's going to be a fun and competitive tournament to help promote junior hockey in the UK and Europe - we hope to see you there!


Dave McGill
General Secretary, BRHA

Inline UK Winter Cup 2019

Inline UK Winter Cup

20th November 2018

The inaugural Inline UK Winter Cup hosted by BRHA is coming in February 2019!!! Make sure you save the date. Full tournament details and poster will be released soon.


Lest We Forget

12th November 2018

The BRHA silence for 2-minutes in observance of Armistice Centenary. Thanks to all the players, managers, coaches, match day officials and spectators in attendance for paying their respects. Lest we forget. 


Remembrance Sunday

8th November 2018

As a sign of respect, the BRHA Executive is arranging a 2-minute silence before the Falcons vs Dynamite game at 10:40am this Sunday.

All teams and spectators will be invited on to the rink to show their respect. The referee will start and end the silence on his whistle.

We ask those not playing in the game following the silence to promptly leave the rink so we avoid unnecessary delay.

Please inform everyone associated with your club as unfortunately there isn’t a PA system and no announcement will be made beforehand.


The new season gets underway!

29th October 2018

Last Sunday, 28th October, saw the first full game day of the 2018/19 season, commencing with ‘quick fire’ 1 x 20-minute pre-split games to decide the A and B divisions for the coming season.

Now that repair work on the roof is well underway (expected to last approximately two weeks), we can hopefully put this behind us and look forward to an exciting season to come (without worrying if we need to bring our swimwear on game day!).

The 18 cancelled games from 14th October have been rescheduled for 25th November and will be played in the same running order as before.

Senior teams can expect to start regular season games on Sunday, 9th December, as we need to wait until the pre-split finishes and the A/B divisions are finalised. 

The newly-formed BRHA League Cup starts on 11th November with the first four games being played in between the juniors’ start to the season. The League Cup is a season-long round robin competition of all senior teams across both divisions with a finals day at the end of the seasom.

A reminder that Banbury Bulldogs (seniors) are eligible to play Regular Season and League Cup games but not pre-split. 7 teams will form Senior A and 6 teams in Senior B.

It’s a busy season ahead with plenty of competitive hockey being played across all age groups, and we hope you’re all looking forward to it as much as we are! 


2018/19 League Structure & Key Information (UPDATED)

10th September 2018

Senior Info

After consultation with team managers, we're pleased to confirm the structure and format of the senior division for 2018/19. The BRHA will once again have a pre-season split to be played over the 3 days in a 'quick fire' format to reduce the time it takes for teams to split in to their appropriate regular season divisions - Senior A and Senior B. The format of the pre-split games will be 1 x 20-minute running clock with these games being played over three dates - Sunday, 14th and 28th October and Sunday, 4th November. Upon completion, teams will split in to two divisions of 7 teams with the regular season facing off on Sunday, 25th November. Banbury Bulldogs u18 and Bordon Warriors u18 accepted our invitation to join Senior B.

We're pleased to welcome a couple of new teams to the BRHA for 2018/19 and, of course, welcome back those familiar faces -- Ash Avalanche, Black Sheep, Bordon Bears, Dunamis Dynamite, Falcons, Jets, Kings, Nuclear Sushi, Scapegoats, Spitfires, Vectis Warriors and Windsor Knights.

A reminder that the senior game format has changed ahead of next season to 3 x 15 minute stop clock.

Junior Info (UPDATED 20/09/18)

The BRHA has faced several quite challenging problems over the past few weeks resulting in the junior's being structures with only one u14 division, due circumstances totally out of the Exec's control. The 4 remaining teams will compete in a mini-league playing one another 3 times each in regular season. 

The BRHA will then host two tournament weekends targeted at specific age groups. Non-BRHA teams from all corners of the country will be invited to compete in an effort to bring awareness (and hopefully future team registrations) for the 2019/20 season.

We will of course continue to promote and ultimately grow the junior divisions over the coming seasons, as this is naturally so crucial for the future success of our league.

The game format for the all junior games is unchanged: 3 x 12 minute running clock.

Fixture Planning

We are in the midst of fixture planning and all team managers will be contacted very shortly so we can get any 'black out' dates (up to 5 per team) for the coming season. We are currently planning for the senior pre-season split and junior divisions, and expect to release these fixtures imminently. We will release the fixtures for the senior's regular season once day 3 of the split is complete, and aim to publish these on our website over the weekend of 11/12th November. Junior teams will start their regular season on 11th November.

League Cup

With the BRHA trialling a season-long 'League Cup' competition in 2018/19, we will contact each manager for information of when and where they train. Fixtures will be drawn out of a hat in the same way as the FA Cup, for example, following a knock-out format and the gold medal game being played on the last weekend of the season. These games will be a differentiator for the BRHA and we hope it will prove a success, and something different for the teams compared to other leagues. All games will need to be played midweek as we only have a finite number of Sunday's booked next season. Full details will be announced in due course.

Referee & Timekeeper Seminar

We're planning to host a seminar as a refresher for existing match day officials and introductory training for new officials that have put themselves forward as a referee or timekeeper. It's great to see organic growth in registrations for match day officials. Full details of the seminar will be announced in the coming weeks once we finalise the last few bits.

Online Registration & Payments

We encourage all players and officials to register sooner rather than later by clicking the 'Register' link on our website - The entire process is now online, including payments so, once you're registered, you will have the option of paying there and then or logging in to your BRHA Sportily account ( and clicking the blue 'Pay Now' button on your dashboard. Now we're a 'cashless' league, all fees will be charged to your BRHA Sportily account so you can pay by debit/credit card. Remember that cash, cheque and BACS are no longer accepted.

Member Perks for 2018/19

To celebrate the new-look BRHA, registered players in all age groups will receive a branded 750ml water bottle and helmet sticker. Not only that, we have also arranged for our professional photographer to take action shots throughout the season. These will be uploaded to our website as normal -

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me either on Facebook or by emailing

Dave McGill
General Secretary, BRHA


Exec Statement re: Junior Rule Changes

8th August 2018

UPDATE (15/08/2018): A junior player may play for another team in an older age group so long as their main registered club doesn't have a team registered in that age group. The parent must complete a Cross Registration Request & Consent Form in order to trigger the process: 


Dear Members,

Following recent queries and concerns raised by several members in regard to below three points, I would like to confirm the league's position for the 2018/19 season and beyond.

1) Junior age group classification
2) Junior cross-registration to Junior teams
3) Junior cross-registration to Senior teams

To address each point in turn…

Junior age group categorisation

As most of you will already be aware, the BRHA is reverting to age groups that fall in-line with the EIHA and other Inline leagues. The age groups are now based on year of birth meaning it is now that year and below (e.g. 18 and below as opposed to under 18's) so if the junior player was born on any date that year then they register in that age group. Each season, the age group brackets simply shift by 1 year.

Under 10's = Born in 2008/09
Under 12's = Born in 2006/07
Under 14's = Born in 2004/05
Under 16's = Born in 2002/03
Under 18's = Born in 2000/01

As a result of this change, BRHA rule 5 clause A/5 will be updated accordingly.

Junior cross-registration to Junior teams

Junior players may play up to any junior age group they please as long as they remain within their primary registered club. E.g. a player is able to register in multiple age groups (e.g. U14, U16, and U18's) but must remain within the same club.

The parent will need to submit a consent form as part of the cross-registration process which will be subsequently approved by all affected team managers and the Registration Secretary. The General Secretary will assist where necessary with the further assistance of the wider Executive Committee should any disputes arise.

The Cross Registration Request & Consent form can be found here:

Junior cross-registration to Senior teams

To be eligible to play up to a senior division, a junior players must be at least 16 years old on or before 1st January of the active season (e.g. 16 years old on or before 01/01/2019 to play in seniors for the 2018/19 season). This is a condition of our insurance policy.

Additionally, BRHA rule 5 clause C/1 stipulates that a junior player may only play up to a senior team within the same club. I can confirm that has been lifted for the 2018/19 season and it is now at the discretion of the affected team managers to agree between themselves. However, it is important to note that a junior player can only play up to one senior team irrespective of division (i.e. must play in either Senior A or Senior B but not both).

The parent will need to submit a Cross Registration Request & Consent form in order to trigger and formalise the request to the League. The Registration Secretary will contact both team managers for their approval and, once the request has been granted, the 'Player (Cross-Registration)' role will be added to the player's Sportily profile and confirmed to all by the Registration Secretary in writing.

This change has been made by the Executive Committee under BRHA rule 7 clause H/4: "the BRHA Executive Committee reserve the right to amend or add rules throughout the season under unforeseen, special circumstances or for safety reasons" as the changes made to the junior structure for the forthcoming season have been deemed significant enough to do so with immediate effect.

All league documentation will be updated in due course to reflect this statement and ratified at the next AGM. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me directly either on Facebook or by emailing

Many thanks,
Dave McGill.

General Secretary, BRHA.


Team Registration Deadline Fast Approaching (14th August)

30th July 2018

Team registration for next season closes on 14th August 2018!!

Register your club here:

This Google Form is to secure your teams place in the BRHA next season and is separate to player registration, which will open once your team has been added to Sportily by our Registration Secretary, Andrew Hounsome.

Team Registration: £45. This will be charged to your Sportily profile once the registration process is complete.

Register your club here:

Team managers should pay particular interest to the important points section on the form so that they can help enforce the rules next season.

Other fees:
- Player Registration (Senior): £40
- Player Registration (Junior): £30
- Bench & League Officials: No charge

Once the team registration process is complete, players and bench officials will be able to register via the normal form on our website:

Please let me or Andrew Hounsome (our Registration Secretary) know if you have any questions.


General Secretary, BRHA


2018/19 Team Registration Now Open!

3rd June 2018

Team registration for next season is now open!!

The process has now been digitised so all you need to do it complete the form by clicking the link below. This year the registration fee is £45 per team registered, which will be charged to the manager’s Sportily profile and must be paid on or before 14th August..

Register here:

This form is to secure your teams place in the BRHA next season. Player registration will open once your team has been added to Sportily. For junior divisions this may take a little longer as we’re reverting to the previous age group classification (under 10’s, 12’s, 14’s etc). You will be informed by the Registration Secretary when players can start registering. 

Player registration fees for 2018/19 are: £40 per senior, £30 per junior.

Registration fees for bench and league officials are covered by the league from 2018/19.

Team managers should pay particular interest to the important points section on the form so that they can help enforce the rules next season.

Please let me or Andrew Hounsome (our Registration Secretary) know if you have any questions.



General Secretary, BRHA


GDPR - Privacy Notice

24th May 2018

As with all organisations, the British Rink Hockey Association has to comply with the change in data protection law, known as General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), that is coming in to force on 25th May 2018. 

You can download a copy of the BRHA's Member Privacy Notice on our website at

If you have any questions or requests then please contact me by email at

Many thanks,

Dave McGill
General Secretary
BRHA (Inline UK South) 


AGM - 24th June

29th April 2018

** AGM - Calling all BRHA members!!! **

It’s that time of year when we’re thinking about our AGM. This year it will be held on our last game day of the season - 24th June at 6pm at Bordon Roller Rink. We will set up in the soft play room, next to the cafe area, and present to you an update of what we’ve done this season and announce some of our plans for next season.

A huge amount of work has gone in to the league behind the scenes in the last six months, resolving challenges in many different areas and putting in place solid ground work to give us the best chance to grow in the future and become the strongest we’ve ever been!

I will post the agenda nearer the time but we will be covering topics such as:

- Junior age group reclassification

- Senior game format

- Replacement Fixtures Secretary

- Replacement Junior Coordinator

- Update on 2017/18 season

- Plans for next year

- Financial summary

If you are interested in putting yourself forward for consideration for either of the above two roles, please send me a message or email These roles will go to majority vote at the AGM.

We expect the AGM to finish around 7:30pm and we will look to provide light refreshments to those in attendance.

I hope you can join us on the day as we have loads to shout about! This is your league and your opportunity to have you say!


Rescheduled games from 18th March!

24th March 2018

Please be advised that the games cancelled on Sunday, 18th March 2018, due to the snow and dangerous road conditions have been rescheduled to Saturday, 14th April 2018.

Note the earlier start time of 8:15am with the last game finishing by 5pm, in time for the rinks usual public disco.

All team manager’s were consulted with before the rink booking was confirmed.


Games This Sunday - 4th March 2018

1st March 2018

Games are going ahead as planned this Sunday, 4th March 2018. If the situation changes, we will post on the BRHA Facebook group giving you as much notice as possible. The forecast in Bordon looks to ease up over the weekend so we look forward to seeing you at the rink!

BRHA Official - Facebook Group:

Stay safe people! :-)


Scape Goats Win Fuengirola!

30th January 2018

On behalf of the League and all associated with it, I would like to congratulate Scape Goats on being crowned champions of the ninth Fuengirola Lions Tournament.

It's great to see a BRHA team flying the flag abroad but even better, bringing home GOLD!

Well done, guys!!!

Scape Goats Win Fuengirola!

Online Payments Now Accepted!

23rd January 2018

BRHA now accept online payments for registration fees and match fees at no extra cost to you! It is important to me that we improve the overall member experience when dealing with the BRHA, and this is another step forward in helping us achieve that goal.

Enabling online payments means that we have significantly streamlined the registration process as the system will now reconcile the payment amount with the total amount owed on your BRHA account. The same applies for match fees, disciplinary fines etc. Naturally, this eradicates the need for manual intervention during such administrative processes thus allowing us to focus on more value-add activities.

To pay fees, simply login to and the dashboard will display any outstanding fees and a 'Pay Now' button (see screenshot attached). If you haven't yet registered for an online account, you can do so here:

Payment processing is extremely secure and handled by Stripe, one of the world's leading payment gateways. More information can be found here:

Note that 'legacy' payment methods (BACS, Cash and Cheque) are still available for the foreseeable future but we encourage members to pay online.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Dave McGill
General Secretary
BRHA (Inline UK South)


New Player Registrations!

17th January 2018

Having received several enquiries regarding new player registrations, I would like to confirm the process going forward.

All registrations are now completed on our website and there is no deadline as such other than the registration fee needs to be in the league’s bank account no fewer than 3 day’s prior to game day.

  Sort code: 20-75-01 / Account no: 83691373

The payable fees are as follows:

  Senior £45 / Junior £35

To register, click the ‘Registration’ link at the top of our website -

The only exception to this is cross registration or club release whereby you will also need to complete a paper-based form in addition to the online form. The respective forms can be found under ‘Documents’ on our website. Paper forms need to be sent to Lynda Waller, our Registration Secretary.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Dave McGill, General Secretary


New Website Goes Live!

5th December 2017

On behalf of myself and the rest of Exec, we're pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website –

Those familiar with our new platform, Sportily, from other leagues will need no introduction to the benefits it brings to all. If you haven’t come across it before then it’s an excellent platform that will help us improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the league while delivering a bunch of long overdue changes on all levels. These changes not only meet our needs today, but future proof us for years to come.

The team at Sportily has worked closely with us throughout the entire process to help build a platform that provides our members, and website visitors, with an exceptional user experience. The bulk of the work completed in phase 1 was mostly ‘under the hood’, and soon, phase 2 will be in full swing! Our focus for the next part is to update the front-end interface and roll-out several additional features to our members.

To highlight but a few of the features available to you right now:

>>> ‘Live Game Centre’ — If you can’t make the game, now you can track it in real-time using our new in-game timeline, displayed at the top of our home page!

>>> Statistics are back! — Navigate through the website to analyse competitive stats like how you rank in points within your team or even the entire division!

>>> In-Game Timeline — You never need ask for a copy of the score sheet again! The old-style paper-based score sheets have now been replaced by the timeline. A clean and simple timeline of events available to you during game play, or you can check out any past fixture!

>>> Your Profile — Take full control of your profile and the information you provide the league. Handy for when you move house and need to update your details, want to track outstanding fees, or even view the status of a pending disciplinary investigation!

>>> Registrations — All types of league registrations are now completed online. For the time being, payments should be made using existing methods (BACS, Cash, Cheque etc.) until such time as we enable online payments!

** ACTION REQUIRED ** — To take full advantage of our new system, you need to complete the registration form by clicking the following link. We have already uploaded basic information for each of our ‘members’ but, after registering, your profile will be updated with your chosen login credentials and contact details!

If you have any questions please let me know by messaging me on Facebook or by emailing


Dave McGill
General Secretary
BRHA (Inline UK South)


Referees needed!

29th November 2017

We need referees so if you're interested, please contact me directly on Facebook or by emailing Depending on the demand, we will look in to organising a referee's course for newly joined officials and those who'd like a refresher.

Many thanks

Dave McGill
General Secretary
BRHA (Inline UK South)


Additional Fixtures!

29th November 2017

Fixtures for all age groups up to and including 21st January have been posted on the BRHA Managers group on Facebook and we're still waiting for several teams to approve these, hence why they've not been released. We can’t go any further until the first round of senior games have been played and we know the teams that will form the subsequent Senior A and B divisions. The remaining available dates for the rink leave us with limited options so we ask that teams accommodate the proposed fixtures wherever possible. Any problems, please let Paul Collins know or email and your query will be forwarded on.


Paul Collins
Fixtures Secretary
BRHA (Inline UK South)


New General Secretary!

9th November 2017

A new General Secretary has been elected by the British Rink Hockey Association Committee  following the resignation of Tina Davidson, a much respected individual for all her hard work and commitment given to all. 

Effective 7th November 2017, Dave McGill, has accepted the position of General Secretary until the end of the 2017/18 season when he will decide whether to take it on full-time. A further announcement will be issued in due course.