3rd March 2019

Kings09:00FalconsSenior A
Kings11:30Nuclear SushiSenior A
Falcons14:00Black SheepSenior A

17th March 2019

Ash Avalanche09:00FalconsLeague Cup (Senior)
Dunamis Dynamite10:00JetsLeague Cup (Senior)
Ash Avalanche11:00Vectis WarriorsLeague Cup (Senior)
Spitfires12:00Dunamis DynamiteLeague Cup (Senior)
Falcons13:00Bordon BearsLeague Cup (Senior)
Jets14:00Vectis WarriorsLeague Cup (Senior)
Kings15:00SpitfiresLeague Cup (Senior)
Nuclear Sushi16:00Black SheepLeague Cup (Senior)
Scapegoats17:00Vectis WarriorsLeague Cup (Senior)
Kings18:00Bordon BearsLeague Cup (Senior)
Scapegoats19:00Black SheepLeague Cup (Senior)

7th April 2019

Falcons09:40KingsLeague Cup (Senior)
Falcons12:20SpitfiresLeague Cup (Senior)
Nuclear Sushi15:00Ash AvalancheLeague Cup (Senior)
Windsor Knights16:00SpitfiresLeague Cup (Senior)
Nuclear Sushi17:00JetsLeague Cup (Senior)
Spitfires18:00Ash AvalancheLeague Cup (Senior)

28th April 2019

Jets09:15KingsSenior A
Ash Avalanche11:45KingsSenior A
Black Sheep14:15JetsSenior A

5th May 2019

Jets08:00Ash AvalancheSenior A
Falcons10:30JetsSenior A
Falcons15:30ScapegoatsSenior A

12th May 2019

Nuclear Sushi09:40Dunamis DynamiteLeague Cup (Senior)
Dunamis Dynamite12:20Ash AvalancheLeague Cup (Senior)
Ash Avalanche15:00Bordon BearsLeague Cup (Senior)
Kings16:00Nuclear SushiLeague Cup (Senior)
Ash Avalanche17:00ScapegoatsLeague Cup (Senior)
Bordon Bears18:00Nuclear SushiLeague Cup (Senior)

25th May 2019

08:00Winter Cup (u12)

26th May 2019

08:00Winter Cup (u16)

2nd June 2019

Falcons09:15Black SheepSenior A
Kings11:45Black SheepSenior A

23rd June 2019

Kings08:00Nuclear SushiSenior A
Falcons09:15ScapegoatsSenior A
Jets10:30KingsSenior A
Falcons14:15KingsSenior A
Jets15:30Nuclear SushiSenior A

30th June 2019

Dunamis Dynamite08:00ScapegoatsLeague Cup (Senior)
Vectis Warriors09:00Windsor KnightsLeague Cup (Senior)
Kings10:00ScapegoatsLeague Cup (Senior)
Dunamis Dynamite11:00Black SheepLeague Cup (Senior)
Windsor Knights12:00JetsLeague Cup (Senior)
Spitfires13:00Vectis WarriorsLeague Cup (Senior)
Kings14:00JetsLeague Cup (Senior)
Black Sheep15:00FalconsLeague Cup (Senior)
Windsor Knights16:00Bordon BearsLeague Cup (Senior)
Jets17:00FalconsLeague Cup (Senior)
Bordon Bears18:00Black SheepLeague Cup (Senior)

7th July 2019

#11st in League Cup (Senior)08:008th in League Cup (Senior)League Cup (Senior)
#22nd in League Cup (Senior)09:007th in League Cup (Senior)League Cup (Senior)
#33rd in League Cup (Senior)10:006th in League Cup (Senior)League Cup (Senior)
#44th in League Cup (Senior)11:005th in League Cup (Senior)League Cup (Senior)
#5Winner of #113:00Winner of #2League Cup (Senior)
#6Winner of #314:00Winner of #4League Cup (Senior)
#7Loser of #516:00Loser of #6League Cup (Senior)
#8Winner of #517:15Winner of #6League Cup (Senior)