DBS Code of Practice

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Code of Practice For Registered Persons and Other Recipients of Disclosure Information (Revised April 2009)
DBS Code of Practice.pdf

BRHA Junior Consent Form

Parental consent for when a junior player wants to play up an age group. All requests must be approved in writing by the League before being eligible to play.
BRHA Junior Consent Form.pdf

BRHA Tournament Registration Form

Use this form to register for a BRHA tournament.
BRHA Tournament Registration Form.pdf

BRHA Child Safeguarding Policy

Reviewed & approved 01/10/2018
BRHA Child Safeguarding Policy.pdf

BRHA Minors Photography & Filming Consent

Team consent form appicable for all minors within their team, valid for one season only.
BRHA Minors Photography & Filming Consent Form.pdf

BRHA League Rule Book 2018-19

Updated rule book for 2018-19.
BRHA Rule Book 2018-19.pdf

AGM Minutes - 24th June 2018

Documented minutes from the league’s AGM following the 2017/18 season.
BRHA AGM Minutes - 24th June 2018.pdf

BRHA Club Registration Form

Deadlines are applicable and registration is only confirmed once written confirmation is received.
BRHA Club Registration Form.pdf

BRHA Junior Cross Registration & Parental Consent Form

Required when a junior player registers for two teams in different age groups. This now includes parental consent and must be approved by the League before being eligible to play.
BRHA Cross Registration & Consent Form.pdf

BRHA Member Privacy Notice

Version posted: 24th May 2018
BRHA Member Privacy Notice.pdf

BRHA Club Release Form 2017/18

CLUB RELEASE FORM 2017 - 18.docx